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June 3, 2012
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KH - Line the pieces up:. by KigredoriCosplay KH - Line the pieces up:. by KigredoriCosplay
This was a Casual Costume I put together for Sora from Kingdom Hearts.

This day was so much fun and here is the first photo I've decided to upload! (Will be more to come) I really loved doing Sora with =black-kitty-cat1 as Roxas! And before we did these serious shots we did some silly ones as Princess Sora and King Roxas! (I'm sure some of those will make their way onto here aswell! haha) And please don't comment about the Keyblade haha I made it when I was in High School when the first game came out and before I even started Cosplay! So it's really bad, I could make it better now :]

Anyway that's enough rambling from me, keep an eye out for more photos from this shoot and my others from conventions! Got loads to still come :]

Much Loves!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Sora Casual and Editing (C) ~KigredoriCosplay
Roxas Casual (C) =black-kitty-cat1
Photograph (C) ~road-kam
Sora, Roxas, Kingdom Hearts (C) Square Enix, Tetsuya Nomura and their Respectful Owners

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
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